Video displaying improperly on claim page

Hello, I started a new claim, but the video edition is displayed squished on the claim page. every other manifold setup page displayed it correctly. should be 16:9 portrait ratio.

I am trying to add my linked wallet to the account, but it is saying it is already added, but won’t display.

In order for our team to investigate a bug/errors, please provide the following:

  • What is your wallet address?

  • A summary of the issue
    Video not displaying properly on claim page

  • What are you trying to do?
    Should be 16:9 portrait orientation

  • What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages?
    it is displaying as a SQUARE

  • A screenshot of the issue/error with the console. Instructions here:
    BUFALO x ROUSTAN | Manifold

  • What browser are you using?

  • What wallet are you using?

Is there anybody out there?

I’m hoping to do another drop at some point, but I havent hear how to fix yet :frowning:

gm - I’m not sure if it’s the video file itself, have you tried a different mp4 in there? I’m unable to replicate with portrait videos on my end.

Ah you might be correct. Apparently within the file there is a dimension Storage size, and a dimension Display size. Manifold seems to display the storage size which is incorrect in the file.

I also noticed an h265 - Generally we recommend h264, there’s more browser support and will more likely be played properly. Using the testnet might be helpful just to see how certain files play