Video gone from mint page

I am tearing my head out here.

I posted a comment explaining that my video had disappeared (everything was working fine with people minting etc) it’s an open edition on a claim page.

Then all of a sudden my video disappeared. It’s a music NFT and I’m just left with the thumbnail- as you can imagine on drop day this is a disaster.

I’m trying to add my link but every time I do I get an error message - THEN it tells me that my post is hidden as the community thinks it’s spam?

Guys please help me!

I can’t add the link as the same thing will happen.

The contract is called ‘face the music’ and the token is called ‘tunnel vision’ my twitter is Stefanienealart - you can find the link on my pinned tweet.

Please please help me

You didn’t do anything wrong, there was an issue we had just resolved. Please follow the instructions here for your claim page: Manifold Claim Page Metadata Impacts

Sorry for the trouble this evening.

It’s still not working. Please help :pray:t5:

This was a separate issue and is now resolved.