Video has disappeared

Please can someone help me, my video was there and working fine (people minting etc) then it just disappeared, I’ve tried to re upload but it’s still not showing. It shows properly in the backend of claim page and on opensea but not on the manifold mint page. I’m very frustrated as it’s my drop day and now no one can view my work


Is this a claim page? Do you have a link?

I keep trying to post the link but get an error message :persevere:

Yes it is a claim page

Ah it worked this time - please check my link and help me. This is a disaster


So sorry for the issue, we noticed a bug on our server and the issue has been fixed. Could you go to your claim, then to your “token” page and hit “Save” please? This should initiate a transaction that will update your metadata to the correct one

Hi, I did that but it’s still not working?

Mine is working now!! :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5: