Video Playback Bug on All Platforms for Mobile + Hardware Apps

Hey All,

I reissued a bunch of my NFTs on a Manifold Contract and allowed my collectors to redeem the old ones for a new one on an upgraded contract and with Arweave storage. I have 1 token that is having issues and the collector has been trying to get me to fix it for over a month with no avail. Basically the video does not playback on mobile Opensea or any other platforms on mobile, and by association it doesn’t work with hardware/digital frames and apps. The thumbnail shows, you click play, and nothing happens, it just never loads or plays and the loading symbol goes forever. It works fine on desktop and plays fine in Manifold studio but for some reason no matter what I’ve tried (metadata refresh/update, clear cookies/restart browser, uploading new files, re-exporting fresh versions, and testing sizes over and under 50MB) nothing seems to work and I’m at a wall here. I’ve also reviewed the FAQ and Manifold Docs for display issues and this bug isn’t mentioned anywhere. Please take a peek and let me know if you have any ideas what’s up, just feel bad this collector has been trying to get it to work on his mobile app and tokenframe for over a month now and it doesn’t playback anywhere but on a desktop or manifold studio.

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I just checked the video and it appears fine, my only guess at this time is the way it’s been exported does not allow it to play on mobile.

This is the animation arweave url

It appears to be a proper mp4, but it’s not supported by mobile even though it’s an mp4 using h.264.

Have you tried uploading the original video somewhere else and opening it on mobile?

Btw, this is the OpenSea compressed link:

Neither open on mobile but open fine on desktop, so I’m guessing there’s an encoding issue with the original video.

So after a few more hours of testing, I’ve oddly isolated the issue to the resolution/aspect ratio, which is totally bonkers. The artwork for this piece works perfectly granted it’s resolution isn’t over 2160x2160. I did countless tests running the same artwork through different encoders, bitrates, Profiles, etc. and anything over 2160x2160 regardless of file size would not work. However If I set the resolution to 3840x2160 (not the artworks native resolution) it would work. I also tested this with other artworks and ran into the same issue. No clue why this is happening but seems to be some sort of limitation on playback for resolutions that aren’t 16:9 on mobile devices (Desktop and tablet work fine). Hope someone else finds this helpful.