Video says delete test token before deploying contract to mainnet, but cant find how to delete

Hi, I’ve been following instruction step by step to first mint on Goerli for the contract, then test token. The next step is to deploy the contract to mainnet. The vid says to delete the test token first, but I cannot see how? The only instruction to change the test token is to change to a blank image. Is that all that’s needed?
If not, how can the test token be deleted as it says to do in the video? Was hoping to get contract deployed today, and start minting tokens. :slight_smile:

Gm! There is no need to delete tokens when promoting to the mainnet - The video specifies that this is the case only if you’re looking to edit details in the contract before updating on Goerli or promoting to mainnet. (You’ll see a comment specifying this as well)

Thank you! I didn’t see that additional comment, but that’s all good! :slight_smile:

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@lyndo I just have another quick question to make sure that I am understanding things properly. After I minted my first token on the main net, I went back to the contract and set the royalties.

My understanding from the vids/documentation, is that will set the royalties for the entire contract, correct? Because after that I went and did a batch mint, so I just want to be sure that I don’t have to set the royalties every time for each token?

That is correct, the royalties apply to the entire contract. Keep in mind for marketplaces that do not respect on-chain royalties (like OpenSea), you will need to go to their website and set manually as well

Thank you for the confirmation, I just wanted to be sure before proceeding. Appreciate it!