Wallet for Minting

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Hello there!

I’m sorry if this question is so lame but i’m very new to manifold and try to gather as much information and i’m a first time user.

May i ask - can i use coinbase wallet for minting beside metamask?

Thanks and appreciate your time for this!

Gm! At this time Manifold only supports Metamask!

Thank you very much for your feedback.
My metamask is hacked - do you think it’s okay to re install for a new one on the same device?
New seed phrase, new wallet?

Sorry for asking such a low level question - i almost have no one / no place to ask.
I did but no feedbacks :sweat_smile:

Thanks again!

No problem! We’re all still learning - You can always install a new one. If there is nothing deployed to mainnet you’re all set. If you have a contract/tokens you can always transfer. Our documentation might be helpful getting the hang of things: What is Manifold Studio? - Manifold Docs

Thanks again for your kind reply.
I will go through the link and digest it.

GBU, have a nice day!