Wallet is compromised. Need advice for my contract

So… worst nightmare came true for me.
All my wallets have been compromised because someone accessed my evernote and were able to retrieve seedphrases (Stupid of me for leaving them there).

THIS wallet that i’m currently signed in with is compromised. This wallet is the owner of a contract that I created and minted an art piece so I could auction it. I have no way of signing transactions to transfer the contract because any eth I put into the wallet FOR the fees is immediately redirected to the hacker wallet.

What the hell can I do?

Ok sorry, an update.

I managed to work a way around getting eth into the wallet by having a friend buy a privately listed NFT.
So I have some ETH for tx. I just transferred ownership of the contract to my new wallet, is there anything else I should do for this to be completely clean?

As long as you’ve transferred ownership of all your contracts and moved whatever you can out of the wallet, you should be safe on the new wallet.

Sorry to hear this happened to you :confused: