Warpcaster Not Work Properly

Hello, I followed the instructions for the Claim Page made on Base and I published the link on Warpcaster, but, when I click mint, is not asking for warps, instead is sending me on the Manifold page. Did I miss something in the instructions?


gm!!! This might be a helpful thread:

Thank you Lyndo. Unfortunately, that does not work for me. I scraped both: the link on warpcaster and the link to the claim page on Manifold. Casted in Manifold channel.
I wanted to ask another thing too. There is another App in the applications, that with Farcaster logo on it. However, I noticed that you cannot price the tokens. Is that only for mints in the change of favours like Follow, recast or something like that?
I used the Claim Page app on Base to create my edition, priced at low as advised and published on Warpcast.
There is a way to make a free mint, gain warps on Warpcast and be rewarded on Manifold (as Zora does) ?