Webp file support for thumbnails on NFTs (Single mint token to wallet)

I have a 3D NFT I want to mint on my own Manifold contract. Loved the experience shoutouts to your devs!

I was pretty heart-broken when I discovered I could not upload a .webp image file as the thumbnail. Hoping this is just a minor bug where the file-input-box just needs webp to be added to the allowed file-types.

.webp is an image file format that has been widely supported by all operating systems and all web-browsers (both mobile+desktop) for a long time now. It was designed to assist with faster loads of images on the web. Ideally I want my NFT thumbnail to load fast across all of the major platforms and thus be great if I can use webp for my token thumbnail.

UPDATE: So it does appear to be minor bug where .webp simply can be added to the accepted formats on thumbnail image file-input-box (Single token mint to wallet). I inspect-element added “webp” as an acceptable file-format for thumbnail and was able to mint my NFT as desired through manifold.

Nice if a dev at Manifold can add a one line fix to allow all users the ability to use webp thumbnails on their NFTs. Rest assured many NFTs use webp as their primary-image or thumbnail-image file-type and support for these NFTs is universal across all platforms.

All love to the team at Manifold :heart:

Link to my NFT for reference (goto my profile page to see webp thumbnail). https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x40e85735ff7c7230177589b4e52295b899ccc23e/1

Should be supported now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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