Website Configuration Settings

I do see yours here btw

What’s your wallet address?

Wallet: 0x2F93b9798099f17951ee270e9D5aE87253b2581D

And meant in the sense of an ALL lookup. Direct querying should always work. Perhaps CNAMES work differently in that context, and doing so would only return illegal root CNAMES. :man_shrugging:

Ok I created the certificate on our side. You’ll want to change the CNAME record.

Do you see it here under “Your Websites”

Replying here for notification

you mistakenly entered … caviarCURRY. :rofl:

I kinda like that. Anyway, I see the “curry” pending.

Oh! Then that will not work, sorry. Food on my mind :slight_smile:

Added now, and I see it pending. Looks the same as what you have…

Oddly… it auto-deleted itself. I’ll take a look deeper into this.


And you have me wondering if curry + caviar would taste good. :rofl::heart:

Sounds delicious! Don’t worry, nothing on your side. Something I’ll take care of here.

WAAAAAY too spicy and salty. I guess it tastes like social media.

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OK I believe the issue is your CAA records

Are you able to edit or otherwise edit to have one of these as a record?

Thought to add only the last one, but for the sake of thoroughness added all four. They’re there now.

Was away for a bit. Looking at it now, that appears to have worked!

We’ll make sure to add this to the docs!