What is going on? Bugs, down., not showing?

Had a mint page using a subdomian on our site…its’ down. Have a burn/redeem page that now shows “ended” but it was set to never end…had to pay gas to open it again…yet still shows ended.

What is going on?

Is this maintenance related? Will it go back up and be accessible via the subdomain? Will the burn page not show ended and be open (the url is blank now and shows “ended” in the dashboard even though the dates are selected to never expire)

gm - Thanks for reaching out. We can definitely look into this for you. We’ll need a bit more information here. Can you provide the wallet address you used to deploy the Burn Redeem and the page to the campaign?

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Thank you! Just sent you a DM with all info.

Can you please provide the burn redeem page. Thanks. We did a major migration yesterday so this is most likely a small issue related to it. Will have it buttoned up in no time once I have that page.

Update: never mind found it!

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Nice, just a UX bug. Fixing real quick. Will have an update for you in the next 30-60mins. Thank you for the patience! The claim part I will have my coworker look into while I fix this burn redeem issue. :saluting_face: :heart:

Can confirm your on chain data is correct.

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Just sent you a message

Also, the burl URL wont show up…but in the dashboard it says ended…when its set to never end. So need to make sure it’s actually active and live.


Both fixes are going out for the Burn Redeem. Your page is live and I can assure you the burn is open forever, no need to make any updates. Anything you see that says otherwise inside the Studio Dashboard is just stale information that will update shortly.

(Would post the link but I know you’d like to remain anon)

Will keep you posted about the claim end of things, but that’s outside my wheelhouse so I’ll bring a different engineer into that chat to take that over. Be well!

Ok, thank you. Looks like the burn page is back. The other redeem/mint page on manifold is back up…but the subdomain isn’t. Just keep me posted on that. Or if that feature was killed in the upgrade let me know. THANK YOU!!!

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Yayyyyyyy lfg so happy to hear this. Phewf! Yes will let you know. The subdomain definitely should be working, but there’s some issue with it temporarily at the moment. We’re putting out a few other issues related to our big upgrade yesterday and then going to patch that up right away (hopefully before EOD) rest assured.

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awesome thank you. let me know when that fix is implemented.

Any word on that subdomain hosting fix?