When a numbered 721 is burned, does the number change?

For instance, if I burn token 25/50, the tokens don’t reflect that, do they? Even if there are technically 49 now that one’s burnt, there will still be “insertnamehere #50

Would be awesome if there was any way to sweep the metadata and have the numbers reflect accurately after a burn.

Got it - Right now burning a token won’t change any of the metadata. With what you’re describing, if a collector burn #23/50 you’re expecting the owner of #24/50 to become #23/49?

Exactly what you described! I figured it wasn’t possible but would be a really amazing feature.

Hmmm - Do you think the owner of token of 24 would want to keep the specific owner? Or if you chose an edition number specifically etc

That could be an issue if someone likes their number, but the token they’re holding changing from 1/25 from 1/50 would maybe be more attractive?

Just unorganized feeling if a numbered token is burnt but the rest of the tokens make it look as if there’s more than there are.