When does the auction really end?

Hi everyone!

I deployed an auction on the Manifold App with a bidding end set in two years, because I don’t want to re list every few months/weeks my token. Normally the auction should end 24 hours/ 48 hours after the first bidding despite the end of the listing if I understood correctly: Is it so? a collector got scared because of this auction end and eventually I wanted to change it. I wanted to check the setting of my auction to be sure of that, but I cannot find the edit button. Can you help me out?

Please share a link to the auction.

sure! Here it is

Yes, so unfortunately you did configure this for 600+ days. Fortunately, it doens’t look like anyone has bid yet, so I suggest you cancel this listing and re-create one with the proper settings.

What you probably want to choose is ‘start on first bid’ and have it end in a certain amount of time after the first bid.

Are you able to cancel/delete a manifold page?

I am trying to disconnect a twitter account from the claim page and switch it to another one but it doesn’t seem to be updating

You are able to cancel a Gallery listing provided that there isn’t a bid on the token. Can you provide a link to the page? If it’s not updating, can you send us the link to the transaction?

Did you change your Twitter in your studio profile? If you did it should reflect on your gallery and other pages after an hour or so.

Yes, I know, I can cancel it, but the gas fees are crazy high. I really thought I have set the auction begin after the first bidding, and that the 600+ days was only how long my piece remains in the auction app before need to be listed again.