When minting a new token on Goerli how can I get manifold to link to a JSON metadata file in IPFS?

Apart from populating the properties on studio’s token screen, is there a way I can get it to use the JSON metadata from Pinata cloud?

gm! This isn’t possible at this time - It’s an improvement we’re working on but currently not supported in Studio.

OK thanks for the response. In that case if wanted to have a permanent immutable link to the contract token could I select tokenURI in etherscan and run a query on the token id. The string that it returns can I assume that this will be an immutable URL that manifold will always point to the same JSON metadata of that token. For example

I guess what I’m asking is that the information on etherscan is immutable, however is the URL and the metadata it points to in manifold also immutable?


This is only the case for Goerli where we point to an internal URL due to the nature of it being a test environment. On mainnets (Ethereum and Optimism) we use immutable URLs hosted on a decentralized file service like Arweave.

That’s great. Thanks for that.