Where is the claim code option?

I was about to publish a mint page yesterday with claim codes, and I come back to do it and don’t see the option. Any idea why? Thanks in advance!

Claim Codes is offline as we’re making product changes. Would you mind sharing what you’re trying to do or publish?

Oh wow, I’d just seen the option yesterday to add a claim code redeem so I sent some out to collectors for the mint on Monday at 1PM assuming I could publish the page over the weekend.

Any chance it’ll be back online before then? Thanks so much! Attaching the details of what I’m trying to publish.

We’ll do our best to re-open Claim Codes asap. We’ll notify you here when it does!

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Amazing, I appreciate it very much!! Will keep an eye out.

Minted so much through Manifold the last couple years; thanks for all you do.

Hi there, Claim Codes is back up! Let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues. Thanks!

Life savers!! Thank you very much.