Whether to use ERC1155 or ERC721 for NFT's from different artists

I am looking to manage the process for different artists to set up their NFT’s. If I act as the intermediary and mint an infinite number of contracts for different artists am I better off minting the tokens under multiple ERC721 contracts or one ERC1155 contract? Aside from the costs involved what other benefits and/or problems should I be aware of? Thanks.

gm! Thanks for reaching out. Typically what management has done for artists in the past is to help artists deploy a contract themselves and then set the management team up as an administrator. This allows the artists to have a wallet setup for the future and the provenance of the artwork to be tied to the artist themselves.

By adding the management as the admin, it allows the team to call the mint function on the contract.

Thank you for the response. If I wanted to give the artist the choice of setting up a contract in studio, could I mint an unlimited number of tokens for different artists under one ERC1155?

If the artist is setting up a contract on studio, the artist would deploy their own contract and you would be the administrator on it. So you would be the administrator on multiple contracts.