Whitelist for claim page is not working

Hey guys! My 2 claim pages were working just fine with the csv uploaded, my collectors could mint 15 out of 25 tokens on both and now it’s showing them “Sorry, there are not tokens for you to claim” and if i go to edit them it shows “0 entries” like there’s no csv and i didn’t touch anything.

My wallet i use to create them: 0x38DfF25a32d7281D2Dc463a2A0F41AF22aD034D4

Here how it shows they are suddenly 0 entries. Same happening in both claim pages. I don’t want to add the CSV again in case i mess things up.

Can i offer people to airdrop the tokens if they send me the eth? or that would mess things up as well?
This is part of a bigger collection so don’t want to delay on schedule.

And thank you!

Hi - Looking at the claims can you be a little more specific about what you’re looking to do? Right now I see that 15 tokens have been minted out. For the remaining 10 what are you looking to do?

If you check the claim on Looksrare for example you’ll see there are 15 tokens that have been minted.

hey! so to clarify…

I created 2 claim pages, 25 editions each. I airdropped 7 tokens from each to some collectors and uploaded a CVS with the rest 18 eth addresses to each claim, so only allowlisted collectors could claim. 8 tokens were claimed in each page and there were 10 tokens left for the allowlisted people to buy, and now it won’t let the rest claim, saying “Sorry, there’s not tokens for you to claim” and i know in fact there is, and they are allowlisted. When i open the claim app it says there are “0 entries” as showed in the picture above.

Also when i go to “edit” my claim page, i see like there’s no CVS uploaded, when i uploaded it correctly and 7/8 people were able to claim. I don’t want to re upload the CVS so i don’t mess things up, or should i do that? In that case, should i delete the ones that already claimed?

(This happened to both claim pages at same time, showing 0 entries in both).

Hope this clarifies it!

Same error happening to us. Our claim page also uses an allow list, not sure if that’s the problem or if the claim page as a whole is broken.

Can you provide your wallet address and link to your claim as well? Would love to hear more specifically what you had set before and are trying to do now.

I’m investigating now…

This is resolved now. Apologies for the interuption.

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Thanks so much man! Showing the entries now and working :pray:t2:

Thanks again! :saluting_face: