Whitelisted wallets via CSV unable to claim


I have a claim page set up with a CSV of wallets that can claim, the issue is that the the whitelisted wallets are unable to claim.

I have tested with different wallets and double checked the cvs format, I even uploaded the last csv I used for a WL mint that had no issues and still didn’t work.

Attached you can see a wallet that is whitelisted but gives an error when minting.

contrtact: 0x009c5b7ff119972e3437b51c4f94addb8dbb2bcd
token: 21
claim page: Awaken

Can you paste here the wallet that is having an issue?

I have tried with these, all unable to claim:

Can you try right now? We just pushed an update.

Minted! Thanks so much, you guys are the best. Much love!