Whitelisting for free claims on priced open edition via Manifold Claim Page

Hey y’all!
So, I want to reward collectors of mine with free claims on priced open editions. I’ve already looked into creating a Manifold campaign, but it’s not so clear to me if this is possible: Whitelisting owners of this collection → Selected Photographic Works Vol.1 | Foundation for free claims on a priced open edition using a Manifold claim page. The collection is a smart contract deployed using Foundation’s “Drops” feature, I believe this is possible because it mints ERC-721 tokens. Also, would it be possible to whitelist collectors of mine that own pieces on any contracts deployed via FND? I just want some clarity before announcing anything to the community.

gm! You’ll need to run the claim in two different phases and edit the claim in between. One with a whitelist of eligible wallets and then another where it’s a paid edition.

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gm lyndo! Thanks for your reply. Do you know if it would it be possible to use Manifold’s Campaign Widget developer tool to have a free claim whitelist on a paid open edition simultaneously? There’s something about running two different phases which isn’t as elegant.