Why does the Manifold Gallery convert a GIF artwork into an MP4?

Hi team,

Is there any way for Manifold gallery to display the artwork as a GIF instead of converting it to an MP4?

Appreciate your help!

Can you send us a link to the gallery listing where the GIF was converted?

Was asking on someone’s behalf and they burned it, I was wondering in the future if there is a way to avoid this happening? The Manifold Gallery auction pages changes GIF artworks to a MP4, this can be verified by right clicking and saving the file and further verified by the playback bar at the bottom of the artwork

When listed on the Manifold Gallery Auction page right clicking the artwork allowed to save the video as MP4 whereas the ‘view original image’ links to the source GIF

Thank you for your help :smile:

Ah got it - I think I get what you’re saying. When you see an image on Gallery, the Gallery display is just a preview of the file and isn’t the actual token that is being auctioned off. If your friend clicked to preview the Original Artwork instead you’ll see that the actual file linked to the metadata in the NFT.