Why is manifold.xyz the author on my contract

look the contracts that you state are mine say

Title: “anyone’s art project”
Author: “manifold.xyz”

if you claim this is because you are the “author” of the contract than you really need to have an extra input line saying (contract creator/author) with you guys putting yourselves as the author it leads me and any “court” to believe that you are the creator of my artwork

you need to update your contracts stating

(contract author - @manifold.xyz

and then you need to make a public service announcement stating any contract before (date contracts were changed) is created by the artist and owned by, you are only the contract author and in legal terms have no authority over contracts or the art.

Hey @xxes - so I get where you’re coming from on this, but I’m afraid there may be a misunderstanding. Manifold doesn’t claim any ownership or authority over your contract or art. Quite the opposite, in fact.

A few things to consider:

  1. The @author tag is a technical standard defined in Solidity (the native programming language for Ethereum) as the name of the author of the smart contract. It does not infer content or usage rights for tokens minted. In this case, Manifold is indeed the author of your smart contract. You can view the specification of the @author tag here and the original code for your smart contract, which we’ve made completely open source here.
  2. Manifold Studio is the only contract deployer on the market that enables you to customize your smart contract source code with your own ‘creator signature’ (“ASCII Signature” setting in Studio). In terms of ownership and who created your artwork, this custom block allows you to make it clear that the contract is created by, authorized by, and deployed by you. Check out some examples of ASCII art signatures in creator smart contracts.

Finally, keep in mind your smart contract source code is meant to be read by other programmers, not lawyers. If you’re concerned about usage or content rights, you can embed your desired legalese in your token metadata or token description.

Hope that helps clarify any misunderstanding.

as a book the publishing company specifically states “publishing” and the author is specifically the “creator” i’m stating, inside the contract it says
Title: “ineviam”
Author: manifold.xyz

all i want is you to change this to
Title: “ineviam”
Artist: “xxes”
Publisher: “manifold.xyz”

than this contract would clearly state i am the artist and the legal owner and you are only the publisher! i write code and regardless if you are making this to be read by a coder it is a CONTRACT, i want things to be specific and have 0 room for error or to be misinterpreted!

another word for “author” is originator.