Widget Not working in Firefox or Safari MacOS

The widgets do not appear to be working correctly on some desktop browsers when using MacOS. My dev and I have tried a few different configurations to try and fix this problem, but it appears to be a problem with the widget. On mobile seems to be working fine though.

In Firefox the NFT titles are “Unamed” and the artwork does not show. In Safari, nothing shows up at all. It is just blank where the widget should be. In Chrome, it works as expected.

here is the link to the first live listing on my website: https://chrisarvan.com/felis-mystica-nft/

The listing ID is 4701.

Thanks in advance for the help!


I’m on MacOS on Firefox and Safari, and it seems to load properly. What do you see?

If it doesn’t show up for you, can you please show the error console, as well as indicate which version of the widget you’re using?

Hi, thanks for looking into this. Just confirmed with a few other people who were able to view it fine on their Macs in Firefox and Safari. It appears to only be happening on my system. Strange, but good to know that it is most likely working fine everywhere else.

It appears that I’m using version 3.2.1

It looks like this in Firefox on my system.


Usually that means there’s some network error. Can you open your browser console and show me what errors you see?

Possibly an ad blocker or something blocking the domain?