Winter CC interrogation for smart contract, claim page

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Test net code below

I am struggling to find the required information to fill the fields in the pic to add the function of CC check out.

Mint function name (ex: mintNFT, make sure this function is public and payable)
Mint function params
above the the fields I don’t fully understand how to fill.

I really appreciate any assistance.

Can you post your claim page? It’s dependent on the type of claim (721 or 1155).

So I’m still on test net and haven’t made the claim page yet. ERC1155 is what I have selected.

I should say I’m stuck at the first step of adding Winter to the manifold smart contract that then ill use to make a token that will have a claim page with Credit card check out.

Ah, it’s quite tricky then. We don’t have testnet claims support at the moment. But once you’re ready for live, you would follow these steps:

  1. Get your live claim
  2. Get the live claim instance id (you can see this via an api call to
  3. Open that endpoint, which will give you data about your claim. You’re looking for the following values:
    id, creatorContractAddress and extensionAddress
  4. Go to the extensionAddress on etherscan, and look for the mint function. That’s the function signature and the required params.

Note: If it’s a restricted claim, this may not be easily supported as you’d have to pass in merkle info. I would recommend you not do that.

We are planning on introducing fiat payments to claim pages soon though.

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OMG this seems perfect and going to test now, hmm my client did request this drop to be gated but if claim pages don’t support I can talk to them about getting that project requirement removed. Sadly this client wants this completed for a launch Thursday.

Going to test this on a live page i have all ready with a free NFT just to see if the CC option appears.

Is there a way to add the clients social media info and eth address instead of my info on the claim page?

Looking forward to being able to accept fiat soon!!! so excited.

I fallowed the steps provided but I only see a reference for mint in the pic below and wanted to confirm I’m looking at the right mint function.


The highlighted text I assumed was the mint function and pram.

uint40 listingId, address to, uint256 assetId, uint24 payableCount, uint256 payableAmount, address payableERC20, uint256 indexuint40 listingId, address to, uint256 assetId, uint24 payableCount, uint256 payableAmount, address payableERC20, uint256 index

what i used for prams on winter

results of test, I think i can fix the image but I dont think I used the wrong smart contract.

It looks like you’re looking at the wrong contract. That one is for Manifold Gallery (Marketplace).

Claims uses the contract specified in the extensionAddress of the claim data.

For example, 1155 Claims on Mainnet are here:

Fist I want to say thank you for your patinates and assistance.

Second I want to make sure I fallowed your first steps correctly.


I browsed to the contract listed.

But i do see the same as MarketplaceUpgradabule

I don’t think i did this step right, I got the ID from going to my studio claim page settings. I didn’t understand how to do an api call.

Do you have a link to the listing you created?

yes sir, Level Up

Ok, if you open the page, in your network calls, you’ll see the call to the api referenced above. In your case it’s:

If you open that up, you’ll see that:
id - 1878595824
creatorContractAddress - 0xe474f416883c9ea449ebc949a45728cab127af34
extensionAddress - 0x5ebfd58c5ead1025755f7490e510ccf2c0b4a444

Go to the extension address in etherscan:

Write contract section, you’ll see the mint functions there.


  • creatorContractAddress: 0xe474f416883c9ea449ebc949a45728cab127af34
  • claimIndex: 1878595824

mintIndex and merkleProof are only for gated claims, and you’re not going to be able to use that with Winter easily, since these are dynamically generated. If it’s non-gated, it would be 0 and 0x0 respectively.

Sorry for the late reply and again thanks for the information and details. Yes this will be an open drop non-gated. Going to retest with the new information provided and let you know the results.

Sorry for the late reply, life you know. I made a few changes based on the new information provided. I changed the ABI from the rosser NFT Gallery smart contract to the Extension adderss.
Changed the Mint function to mint.
The Function parameters, I changed to address 0xe474f416883c9ea449ebc949a45728cab127af34, claimIndex 1878595824, mintIndex,
Looking at the Mint Function I think these are the parms (function mint(address creatorContractAddress, uint256 claimIndex, uint32 mintIndex, bytes32[] calldata merkleProof) external payable;)
I don’t fully understand how to conform for winter.

Error I get when i test, Progress different error.

What’s the 1155 Claims on Goerli contract address?