Won an auction on Manifold, NFT shows in Opensea... but not in my wallet/activity

Yes, I have reached out to OS… but in the mean time, I am wondering if it has to do with something on manifold (see below).

I won an auction here: CONSUMED . On chain, I can see it transferred to me. But in opensea activity and collected tab, I can’t see anything. The artist sent me the direct link, and it shows in opensea and shows me as the owner (so it is not delisted). I was able to transfer it to a different wallet, and back via OS… still nothing in activity/collected.

The reason I am asking manifold… When I won the auction, it told me to “settle”. I did this. The artist is looking at his past auctions and every time he settled, those pieces show up in collected/activity in OS. Every time the winner settled, they do not show up in activity/collected (I am not the only one we found).

Is it possible that when the winner does the settling tx, it changes something than when the artist settles?

It shouldn’t matter whether the artist settles or the collector. If it was transferred on chain then it seems all is well and it’s just a display issue. Seems like you’re the owner of the token on LooksRare.

This might just Opensea slow to ingest, might be best to reach out to their team to refresh!

Thank you. I assumed it likely would be an OS display issue, but they are so slow to respond… was hoping the settling might be something!

I will wait for their (OS) reply, thanks for the input.