Would it be possible to set up a claim page that's limited to holders from a contract (deployed outside of manifold)?

Hi everyone :wave: Our core project’s contract (www.cosmopollys.com) was built using Bueno (contract: 0x2927d643085f7BDEA454c9bfC1992EA1240490D4).
I have set up a “Signature” collection that has tokens we raffle off exclusively to holders of the above collection using Manifold (contract: 0xAF9DEFA926831807A33460f20b812600c77Cce83). This is done manually by me airdropping tokens to winners.

I’d like to switch the way this works to having holders of the first contract be able to claim a token from the Signature (Manifold) contract themselves (so I’m not airdropping them). Is there any work-around, or is this something that could be implemented in the future?

Yup that’s possible - All you’ll need to do is run a snapshot of the current holders and then you can setup a claim with that list of addresses. It’s possible for a variety of mechanics here - ie setting up a claim, creating a burn redeem campaign.