Wrong Network error during Burn Redeem campaign

Manifold sees my tokens to be burned in exchange for new one but when I execute it says wrong network. Tokens are on base network and have my metamask wallet set to base network.

Gm! Thanks for reaching out - Can you provide a bit more information?

  • Which wallet address are you using to mint?
  • Are you using Metamask or another wallet?

Screenshots will be helpful here. Thanks!

was using ledger in metamask but sent my tokens to my coinbase wallet and still having the same issue.

0x904baA4470AEC9C3cb129C4F2867d5ba2453C31A sertravis1.eth
0x08772E01a8da801cE6Cf440A921780B474C08D11 sertravis.eth

got it to work with my sertravis.eth wallet

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Thanks for the followup! Glad it went through