Wrong page when I want to burn tokens

Hello everyone

Let met explain you the problem, I tried to check if there was similar problem.

I wanted to create a burn contract that necessite “two” token to be burnt.

But unfortunetaly I don’t have that page, I don’t even have that option.

The picture below is a screenshot from my computer as you can see I don’t have the option to choose how many token I want to burn

And this one is from a friend… so he has the correct page.

I want to thank you for you help !

gm! Multi burn is only for ERC-1155 tokens at this time. It seems like your contract is an ERC-721 (which isn’t supported yet).

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Hello Lyndo

Thank you so much

And I can’t change that right ?

Also just wondering is it possible to burn from ERC721 to ERC1155 ?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

It’s possible but not in Studio just yet. We’ll be building out the UX to support this shortly(no timeline yet).