Wrong Unit Price on OpenSea from Manifold Claim Page Mint


For some reason when new mints from the Claim Page (.01 eth each) are showing up in the item’s OpenSea Item Activity;

It shows for example .0035 eth (Quantity) 3 when it should say .03 eth (Quantity 3).


Why is this? And is this an issue with Manifold or OpenSea?

Thank you

gm Showdeer,

this is an issue with OpenSea, we’ve opened up a ticket with them previously and have flagged the issue. What is happening is that they are displaying the unit price as the unit price divided by the number of items sold, when they should be using the transaction value divided by the number of units being sold.

I will ping them again to see if we can get a resolution on their display

Thank you so much for the reply richerd! I figured that was the case as the transactions looked good on etherscan. Thank you for all you guys do! Manifold is the best tool! Cheers!

Looks like they fixed it. Thanks richerd!