You have 0 burnable tokens but I do have one

I searched for this issue but cannot find an answer.

I created a token to be redeemed for a burn. The token is on the same contract as the burning tokens. I seleted any token on the contract was allowed to be burned it is an erc-1155.
But when I try to burn my token it says “You have 0 burnable tokens”

How can I fix this problem?

Can you share the burn page?

I wanted to make it work with any token on the contract so on the burn setup page I selected the contract but did NOT select a specific token.

Ah I see, diving in…

Okay so we’ve got a patch but we noticed that your burn was misconfigured. We currently do not support full contract 1155 burns. Your burn can be corrected if you intended to burn only a single token. If that’s that case, please let us know, along with which token you wanted to burn and how many you wanted to burn. We will reply with further instructions once you provide these details!

Thank you. How is Kevin Abosch able to get his to work for his Open Edition series OPEN EDITION Burn/Redeem for "POEM" (Live for only 2 minutes!)?

O dang he is using erc-721. I did not know there was a difference in how it worked. I thought burns were only possible on 1155s.

Can you set it up for this token then?

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Yes absolutely! Hold fast, I will respond shortly with instructions for you. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Alright you’re all reconfigured. You should be able to head back to that BR inside of the Studio App, head the last step (5) and hit Update. After accepting the tx, you will have a functioning burn redeem! It’s a 1:1 burn redeem of token 6 for your new token.

Here’s what the summary looks like right now for me, you should see the same:

Yes I see that now. I am in the process of updating now

Wonderful, let me know if it all ends up functioning as expected. A reimbursement for the original transaction will be automatically deposited into your wallet at some point soon, as this was a bug on our end you could not have avoided!

O great thank you.
It is working now. It is showing up correctly.

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LFG, closing this out!