Add properties in batch minting

Gm gm!
I went through batch minting yesterday. The structure is cool. However, I was thinking if it’s possible to make a request?
In the first page there are three options that we can add for all the assets in a batch. Artwork Name, Artist Name and Description. I was wondering can we add the properties for all the assets with equal values there too?
My project has 1,111 items with a possible of 19 properties. I need to make 6 batches and if I went through all of them after making a batch, it takes ages to edit all of them and adding all the properties one by one. But if I could add all the properties with equal values at the beginning, the only thing I need to do is to change the value of properties for each asset. Just like editing the artwork name because each artwork is going to have a unique name by the way.

gm - Thanks for reaching out. Are you sure you are looking to batch mint tokens? Typically for larger collections the tokens will be minted by the collectors, with batch mint you’ll be pre-minting.

This may help clarify the different mechanics:

Thanks for your response.

I know it’s a painful way but I couldn’t find any options for a project like mine on the Manifold. I share all the details about my project below. Please let me know what are my options :pray:

Hi! My question got strangely quoted here but I don’t think it’s applicable to this situation?


Apologies! Responded on mobile and pasted the wrong link - Corrected now!

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That’s correct - We don’t support tools to launch a project like this at the moment. There might be other tools out there that serve your needs, or you may want to code your own extension.

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That’s all good – but, since I have you, do you think you could take a look at my post? 24 hours later we’re still seeing the contract as deployed on etherscan but not as deployed in the backend of manifold so I can’t mint tokens to it.

The gas was spent, the transaction is confirmed.

Thanks for the link. I went through that before. Just didn’t want to believe that my project won’t fit.

As a creator, Manifold is an ultimate unique solution for me. This is why I try to contact you to find a way. Maybe it’s just my bad luck.

I wish to have the ability to code my own extension but unfortunately, it’s out of my profession.

It’s so annoying that I love Manifold but can’t use it for this project :pleading_face:

Thanks for your time and support :pray: :bouquet:

Me again :wave:

Despite of what is my project, I want to request to add the properties (attributes, traits) at the first page of batch minting.

If we think all the assets in a batch are a part of the same collection, then more or less they will have the same traits with different values. So, if we could add all the traits with an equal values at once, the only thing we need to do is going through each asset after making the batch and just edit the values.

It will makes life easier for the creators and I know it’s so easy for you to do so. :bouquet::pray:

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Appreciate the feedback! We’ll def keep this in mind

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