Allowlist base contract

Hey hey,

A) Trying to create a new audience for one of my base contracts.

Using: brave, rabby wallet.

  1. No option available to create new audience
  2. When first trying to start with existing audience then adding a new one, only my MAIN ETH contracts show. Even when choosing other tokens and adding my base contract address i get an error. ( My claim is set up from base contract )

Do I miss something here?

B) when creating an audience and choosing attributes it would be cool to filter out collectors who own all of the attributes. For now i get the whole list with collectors owning just one of the attributes. So like in coding and AND operator would be dope for attributes.

Or is there a way to filter this as well?

Thanks guys, appreciate your time!

no one? still not working

Can you share screenshots? Is this within an app or somewhere else?