$APE coin app delete

Hi, I added the $APE coin app, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly, I can not add my NFTs from my Manifold contracts, can I delete the app?

You can just stop using the app!

The APE Editions app allows you to create claim pages that sell in $APE not create listings for your existing tokens.

No need to delete the app if you don’t want to use it. You can simply not use it as @yungwknd mentioned.

Hi @yungwknd and @aguspunk, thank you for your answers. I understand not using it is a solution, but I want to uninstall, is this possible or not? Does installing add lines of code in anything I own?

It does not. It just allows you to use the app.

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Ok, thank you. This bring me to another question;
If I create a project, can I add the functionality of $APE coin acceptance? Where can I set this? Can I set this for previous manifold contracts already minted?

If you are creating a project and writing your own contracts, etc you can do whatever you want (including accepting $APE).

This app is just a tool to let you sell ERC-1155 tokens that you’ve already minted. It does not affect your contract or the tokens themselves. It is very similar to when you choose the currency to list in on OpenSea.

It does 1 thing - let’s you sell tokens you’ve minted for $APE - nothing else.

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Great, so with my existing contracts via Manifold, can I make them accept $APE coin? or is it only if I create my own contract (which I can not do)

You can sell tokens minted on your existing contracts by using the ape editions app!

Ah, I see the confusion here. It is not for creating claim pages.

The app is for selling existing tokens that you have already minted using Manifold Studio.

But I created tokens already on Manifold and they are not showing up when I open the app? How do I find my existing tokens so I can offer them for $APE

Ah ok, then that is a bug with the app! Do you have a link to the token on OpenSea?

aha my bad, might it be then that @marieke your tokens are ERC-721 and APE Editions only supports ERC-1155?

on the featured page you see all my Manifold Studio NFTs, all ERC 721

Cool art! APE editions app only supports ERC-1155 tokens. I’ll update to make it more clear

Do you see this info?

Thank you! Ah, ok, that makes sense then. Maybe I’ll mint my new Editions as 1155, however I am a fan of 721 NFTs

721s are great! Have you tried selling them in $APE using the Gallery app?

Yes, I see it, but then ofcourse it doesn’t see my 721’s

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do my new Editions project, without having to spend a ton of money to mint myself… I want to see a page where someone is selling multiple images with multiple editions. Not sure if Gallery is the way to go for this, because you have to pay gas fees to add them to the Gallery each time…