Bug of collection mint number

I cannot edit my collection page. I tried 2hrs more. Collection edit page not open. It doesn’t respond, the cursor just rotates.

Collection edit page:

Mint is active on manifold. OpenSea: shows 1,117 minted Manifold dapp show: 1,098. Total mint: 1,117

Collection name: Based TycoonKidPunks
Contract creator wallet: 0x17999410B26814afA672f5f9858145476B64B978
Manifold dapp: Based Tycoon Kid Punks | Manifold

Can i get support? Thx.

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OpenSea Link:

Hi, answer to a few questions:

#1. The airdropped tokens were not minted as part of the collection, which is why it’s showing a mismatch of 19 tokens. These airdropped tokens were minted separate from this collection due to an error in the dapp. We can either treat these as separate tokens, or you can burn them. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

We are still investigating the bug in the dapp and have disabled airdrops for now.

#2. Can you share a screenshot with respect to editing the collection page? I just tried to load your page and there doesn’t appear to be any issues.

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Just so we can properly investigate, how did you perform the airdrop? via the ux or by manually calling the contract somehow?

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Gm Wilkins.eth

Now it’s looking like that. Right now i can able enter the Edit section

but mint count still looks wrong.

but manifold my dapp mint link still shown wrong count

Can you please set mint count :1,117 / 2,000 same as OpenSea?

Before creating this help topic, as i said i tired 3hrs more but i wasn’t able to enter
Collection edit page:

after that i tried to manually from the contract 19 airdrop. My goal was to test whether it works or not. then i was not join the collection edit page again but the 19 airdrop after someone else minted 1 from manitold but opensea and my manifold mint dapp did not show proper numbers (minted count). can we fix all of counts 1,117 i got many messages people ask why the mint counts are different. people are afraid to mint right now because of this confusion.

it’s stuck again i cannot enter the ttps://studio.manifold.xyz/apps/2522713783/instances/3851358448/edit

Right now i tried to 1 publish it said deployed but mint count not fixed. but
the contract shown right now true mint count: 1,117. Still manifold mint dapp not shown true number. it says: 1,098


The count can’t be fixed because you entered the wrong information when doing the airdrop on the contract and didn’t drop on the same collection group. The way you did the “airdrop” caused 19 tokens to be minted on your contract but from a different collection (the smart contracts are structured in a way that allows for multiple collections to be created on the same contract).

Because of this, the count cannot be “fixed”. There are a few options at this point:

  1. Burn the 19 tokens
  2. Treat those 19 tokens as special tokens from another collection (which we would have to help you setup manually)

As for the out of sync warning, we’re going to have to investigate why that is. The fact that you directly interacted with the contract in an odd way has caused this to get out of sync.

well how can i brun?

can i get speedy solution???

those 19 token not mine. how can i burn? can you burn? if you need tx free i will pay. why all of things so hard?

Looks like you airdropped tokens to:

That address will have to burn tokens 1098 → 1116

WARNING: By burning the tokens, these tokens will no longer exist. HOWEVER, we do not know if OpenSea’s token count will update appropriately. If you really want to check before taking these actions, try minting and burning a token on a different contract

The way to burn the token is to visit your contract here:

Connect with address: 0x38a6b4daedd61d06d4df77e1354b9f1ffa60267e

And make the ‘burn’ call for each of these tokens:

Further explanation as to what went wrong with your airdrop. When you manually tried to airdrop tokens:

You airdropped with an instanceId value of “1”. Your instanceId is actually ‘3851358448’ for this claim page. By airdropping with an instanceId of “1”, you technically dropped to a separate claim on this contract.

currently this holders have 12 pcs so? what happned the next -7?

you are not sure anything. when the 2,000 pcs sold out am i able to deploy revealed metadas?

what about the burned ones? your api not read true count. but onchain reads true. what happned next? when the 2,000 pcs sold out. probably your dapp not ready all of token?? even burnt? can you handle to upload 2,000 pcs NFT + metadas for revealing on arwee.

each of my nfts are unique #1 … to #2000 you offer me burn? so i don’t have those some of tokens. when the 2,000 pcs sold out your dapp manifold can able too upload real metadas with true #numbers??

you earned right from my every single mints. also you will be earn too until 2,000 can you give to me exact answer what happened?

They must have transferred it out. As I mentioned, there are two ways to deal with this, have those tokens burned or treat those and reveal those separately and reveal them separately if you do not have control of these tokens.

Given that you didn’t drop them to yourself, the current best course of action is to keep the tokens and reveal them separately (we can help you create another configuration page for this if this is what you choose to do.

To keep the supply cap the ‘same’ (upper limit of 2000), drop the total mint count of your claim page to 1981. If you do this, every platform will properly show 2000 tokens minted, however the claim page will show only 1981 available to be sold.

Again, the reason this happened is because you called the smart contract directly with the wrong parameters. This can be addressed, but you’ll have to decide what course of action you want to take.

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Our current recommendation is to do the following:

  1. Change your claim page total supply to 1981. This would not impact what shows on every other platform, but would change the display on the claim page.
  2. We can help you set up a new ‘instance’ which represents the 19 airdropped tokens. These tokens can be revealed separately.

Let us know if this is how you would like to proceed.

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