Bug of collection mint number

okey but for metada csv will be 2,000 pcs right? it will be read real metada? when sold out?

1,981 metada when the sold out , will read the true 2,000 metada ?

my numbers stated to 1# to #2000 arwee etc. will read when the BTKP sold out 2,0000. according to 1,981 pcs wiil read 2,000 pcs metadata when the sold out?

Yes, we can show you how to update everything, it will end up being 2000 total tokens, but across two instance configuartions. Let us know if that works, and we can prep this for you and give you instructions on what/how to update.

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GM.can you show it to me now, today all NFTs will revealing with 2,000 supply according to true mint count on OpenSea. It’s asap. i need instructions.

i must upload true meta data for 2,000 pcs


New mint totally stop. i promised today revealing. i want airdrop to me last 174 pcs. I will use 174 pcs for collabs & give aways. so totally 2,000 needs revealing with this. can you tell the way to me. 2,000 pcs with update true meta data. asap

We are online during PST hours, so won’t be able to respond again for another 8 hours. However, please follow these instructions exactly:

  1. For airdropping the other 174 tokens:
  • Use the airdrop section under your collection’s advanced tab. Do NOT try and airdrop via the contract directly again.
  1. For setting up the other 19 tokens you airdropped before:
creatorContractAddress: 0xbeBEC4293E6820b22D65469455c6Bf9847eF1aEB
instanceId: 1

Step 2 initializes a configuration for the tokens you manually airdropped incorrectly. Once this is done, please respond to this thread with the transaction information so we can create a configuration for you to perform the reveal for the remaining 19 tokens.

Hello Wilkins. Sorry for my English it’s not very good. I airdropped 141 (174) token to me again manually so I realized that I had to do so. “That’s my fault thanks to my English.” This is not about you, I’m so nervous, I’m so tired of this. Can you please help me asap.

I did 2.
creatorContractAddress: 0xbeBEC4293E6820b22D65469455c6Bf9847eF1aEB
instanceId: 1

But still not work former 19 “1098 → 1116” also
141 airdrop for me my collabs, gw. numbers 1860 - 2000 “my airdrops to me” please check tx


OpenSea now reads strange: check img pls 2,000 result / 1967 mint.


My dapp looks like 1,840 of 1,840 sold out but you know 2,000 pcs

And I set my CSV with 2,000 but manually airdrop ones reads IMG but not main IMG also metada numbers looks strange too.

Can you please asap help me I want to reveal all of them now with 2,000 pcs IMG + unique meta data my CVS file is ready. Thanks a lot. I’m about to lose my sanity now.

Sorry. I thought I did it, but I couldn’t. And I still can’t do it, “confirm” doesn’t work. ‘initializeClaim’

‘initializeClaim’ not allow me confirm.

creatorContractAddress: 0xbeBEC4293E6820b22D65469455c6Bf9847eF1aEB
instanceId: 1

for “‘initializeClaim” I am not sure is this. or worked. i guess it’s not worked. My first attempt was “I thought I did it.”


IDK but this counts now updated.

but all of airdrops not ready metada “non revealed metada as true IMG and true number”


Please reduce your supply to 1840 otherwise you will mint over 2000.

We have created a separate claim representing your airdrops that you can access.

To do the complete reveal, you have to do two csv uploads and split your data into 160 for the airdrop and 1840 for the other. But you need to reduce the supply immediately.

I’m doing right now but it will be reads 2,000 pcs right?? when i reduce 1840

I made it 1840/1840 current condition = sold out. now am i deploy real revealing CVS??

Please reduce to 1840. The claim page will be incorrect, but opensea and the other platforms will be correct.

Also please end your claim.

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i ready reduced it 1840 = sold out

there is a different button for closing mint??

now i am i deploy real CSV??? now revealing real metada work with 2,000 pcs supply?

Hey @MMT - I can also confirm that OpenSea shows 2000 items for your collection and your Claim Page is sold out.

Looks great, congratulations!

well but still airdrops not works my real metada for “rest of them” now am i deploy realm CVS for revealing all of metada work for 2,000 pcs ???