Burn to Redeem Problem

I have just set up the burn redeem, in the setup page, it notes that the collector will be required to burn 2 NFT’s to redeem 1. However, once I open the page, it shows that you need to burn 1 of Token ID 2 in order to claim one.

Is this a mistake on the UI level?

Hey! We’ll need a little more info here, can you provide your address and a link to and burn redeem page?

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Appreciate the speedy assistance!

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It appears that this is set up to burn 1 to redeem 1. Can you post a screenshot of your burn settings page?

It’s not possible for it to be burn 1 to get 1. Both settings indicate otherwise.

Yes. You’re correct. My mistake. We’re looking into the display issue.

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Appreciate you Wilkins. Would love for this to be sorted soon.


Hello Wilkins, is there anything the team can do? I have double checked everything and it seems to be out of my control with there not being an error on my side.

Hey Viren, added above some more information.

Hey there. Looking at this, it doesn’t appear the settings are correct on chain even though your panel reflects burn 2.

Can you try re-saving your burn redeem? You should be able to do this by changing the required amount to 1 then to 2, then the save button should enable. Press save and execute the transaction.

Sorry, please don’t attempt to change this yet, we are investigating.

Thanks! Its time sensitive…

Can you pause or delay this please? We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on here. Likely won’t solve it in the next few hours since the issue is more complex then we initially thought.

How long do you need?

We’re working on it right now. Still trying to track it down. But please end the burn for now as on chain it is configured as a 1-1 burn. Hard to give an eta as we haven’t identified the root cause. But it is high priority for us.

When I adjust the time, it’s not letting me save. Can this be done from your end?

What error are you getting?

Did you try ending it by setting both the start and end date in the past?

Hey just a heads up I’ll be taking this thread over from here! You are correct that right now this is mostly in our hands, and apologies for the mishap here. I’ll report back ASAP when I have an update for you. Right now I’m certain the UX thinks you have 2:1 (correct) but somehow the chain registered 1:1 (not correct) and we need to not only squash this bug to avoid future issues, but also give you a working escape hatch so that you can update your burn to the proper data.

It seems like your burn starts in 3 hours. If you want to avoid any issues while I’m debugging try doing as Wilkins just said. Set both the start and end date into the past, the will temporarily disable it while we fix!