Claim app question on modification of tokenURi after minting

I used the clam page to sell multiple editions of a 721 NFT. It is showing up as: “Title of art #4 / 100”
But I wanted this to be an open edition that expires on a specific date. I want to change the title in the metadata to say: “Title of art #4 / 4” because only 4 were ever minted. On a normal mint on Manifold I have been able to go change the tokenUrl using setTokenUri to change the metadata in the json file by uploading a new file and changing the tokenUri to the new one. I was able to perform this even when someone has already purchased.
When I tried this on an NFT minted by the Claim app, it seems to be frozen.

How do I get the setTokenUri to work. When I tried to call it I got an error back from the EVM.

don’t think this is possible with the claim app - it’s just for multi editions