CLAIM page is requesting access to ALL NFTs in wallet

Whenever someone goes to burn from my new burn page, metamask would pop up and ask for access to ALL the NFTs in the wallet as opposed to only the NFTs on the contract that should be burned. I have a feeling the following issue I was having may have caused the glitch. Any way to fix?

When creating burn/claim pages, on the “Select Burn Token” tab, I have selected my 1155 contract and I see the tokens below. I select the token and it highlights along with the contract. When I hit “next” to go to the next page, it says this under redeem amount


As opposed to naming the specific token that is going to be burned.

I would have assumed this was just a UI glitch but when I published the burn page, and attempted to burn, metamask pops up asking for authorization to ALL NFTS and not just the ones on the contract to be burned. Big security issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Howdy! Going to track this in Glitch while creating burn/redeem page as I believe it’s the same issue just showing up in two odd ways.

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As a note, the ALL NFTs part is not a security bug but just a very overbearing warning from Metamask. It’s the same call that OpenSea uses when you approve a collection for the first time when you make offers/bids/sell. It is a call to setApprovalForAll() on your contract which allows our Burn Redeem extension to, when asked on the next step, burn your NFTs for you. Nothing to be scared of! Our Burn Redeem extension can only burn/transfer NFTs on your behalf in this very specific scenario where you approve a burn redeem transaction as a collector! <3