Customize Editions(Reveal) - ERC721 - Unique 1/1 for 1000 NFTs? Burn?

I’m wondering if this feature supports the creation of up to 1000 unique NFTs, each with distinct artwork, or if there’s a limitation on the number of unique works or editions it can handle?

I’ve read that a whitelist can achieve this, but is there a way to achieve it through a burn-redeem mechanism? For instance, can we burn 10 tokens from smart contract A and then redeem them for a brand-new, unique 1/1 NFT on smart contract B? Contract B contains customized editions (reveal) with 1000 unique artworks, which can be revealed later by the creator.

Always appreciate your response and help. Thank you!

It’s definitely possible but not supported yet through the burn redeem app. You could do a burn redeem to an erc721 contract and then update the metadata manually with the method below:

Hey lyndo, Thanks for the answer.
What is the maximum ERC-721 tokens that can be minted through a burn?