ERC-1155 burn redeem for ERC-721

I have an ERC-1155 token with 100 editions. Can I setup a burn redeem where each 1155 edition can be burned for a single 721?

Meaning using the same art for 100 separate ERC-721 tokens to be redeemed for each 1155 token.

The reason I ask is because in the burn redeem app I don’t see an option to select an ERC standard for the redeemed token.

Yes you can. You have to select your output token contract (721) first then your input (1155) tokens after.

To have unique redeems you have to follow this:

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Am I able to select the same contract (1155) and do 721s with it or do I have to create a new (721) contract to use as the output token contract?

You need to create a 721 contract to have 721’s created.

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Understood. Thank you for your help, wilkins.