Error creating Base contract

Error below.

Error: invalid BigNumber string (argument=“value”, value=“0x”, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=bignumber/5.7.0)

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12.51.21 PM

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Did you get a prompt on your metamask to execute a transaction?

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Or, if you’re not using metamask, what wallet are you using/are you using a gnosis safe

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Finally, can you refresh the page and try clicking deploy again? This might be a transient error.

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I’m using rainbow wallet, but have tried with metamask as well. Yes i get a prompt, click confirm, and that is when the error occurs. I’ve refreshed maybe 10 times to no avail. still happening.

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I wonder if it’s just that draft contract. Have you tried creating a new draft and does the transaction request ever pop up?

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Also any other extensions installed that might be intercepting the request? You’re also switched to the base chain right?

Got it. I think it did deploy, but something went wrong, let me take a look here.

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Just tried a new contract, didn’t work. yeah im on base network. shouldn’t be any other extensions interfering, but i’m going to try another wallet to see.

It’s fine, I’ll push this through for you, please give me a minute.

I switched browsers and it worked… Not sure what’s different about Arc vs. Firefox [Firefox worked] same exact extensions. Anyways, sorry for the bother and thanks for your help.

does the same for me in Brave browser…

Yeah it’s happening to me again today with 3 different browsers.

It’s now happening again with 3 different browsers. Wondering if yesterday it was just luck of the draw that it worked when i switched to metamask

Are you able to look at your console network log and show the full details (response body and response code) of the failing request? Very odd.

Thanks Wilkins. Does this suffice? not the most technical over here

FYI this is only an issue with Base network.

i thought it could be wallet guard, but now its just stuck pending, but it does show in rainbow now however…

im stumped, disabled adguard. only thing left is the dns certs on macOS for mullvads encrypted DNS service

so i just restarted Brave and its now this far but its not showing the latest version I was attempting to put on chain… idk an, i give up for now