Farcaster Free Frame - Minted out but no tokens issued

I did two farcaster free mint last night, 50 free, and it minted out but no tokens have been issued to any of the people who minted it.


The basescan only shows the initial mint setup.

Is this an open issue? I know manifold has been queuing the transactions in batches but it’s over 12 hours at this point.

Apologies for the delay, high recent volume caused a backlog in processing. This should now be resolved.

I am now also having this issue, in addition my frame isn’t displaying the artwork. Degens are minting, and not receiving:

We batch deliver tokens when gas prices are lower so delayed delivery is expected. We will look into the display issue though, which is not expected.

So the ‘Image failed to load’ issue was due to farcaster not supporting that gif format. We’ve changed it to a webp format that seems to work on farcaster. You can confirm that it works here:

However, I don’t believe that your existing post will update properly, and a new post would be needed to pick up the new embed.

I’m still having the issue with the Manifold frames minting out but the tokens are not being distributed.


Same here its been days.

I seriously regret doing a mint with that app

FYI see this: Farcaster Frame Mints - Update on increasing Base gas fees and mint times