Hey Manifold team. Do you guys have an eta for ERC-751 burn-redeem functionality? And will collectors be able to burn a ERC-1155 for an ERC-751 token?

Like the title…

Sorry I didn’t get a response to an earlier post. And I don’t feel other topics cover this.

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gm! We’re working on a burn redeem for ERC721 but don’t have a timeline yet.

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Thank you for replying. Will creators be able to set up a system where a collector could burn an ERC-1155 to redeem for an ERC-721?

I’m waiting on this too…:pray:t2:

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I think it will be a game changer!

Same here! I was 100% sure they already have a support for erc721 but was surprised by the opposite… Waiting for the ERC721 burn and redeem :pray:t2:

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I honestly think this is what a lot of collectors want. The burn-redeem tokens are proving to be a fun way to collect but I think we can bring more value to collectors by giving them 1/1s.

I would really love burning 1155s for 721s.

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This is possible now.

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Cheers. Will try a test.

Ok. There seems to be an issue.

Selecting the burn from the 1155 token contract is still forcing me to select the redeem from the same contract.

And doesn’t allow me to select the 721 contract instead.

Have you guys looked into this?
Currently on my end, it is not possible to burn a 1155 for a 721 token. Selecting the 1155 burn token forces me to redeem into the same contract still.
Is there something I need to do?

It looks like we haven’t enabled that feature just quite yet. Please stay tuned!

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Thanks for replying. Will do!