Introduce Yourself!

Hey there!
I’m Shakti, a digital illustrator that has an influence in tarot art and symbolism.
Been using Manifold since day 1 of minting my NFTs and I love all the new things they are bringing to the table, and how easy they make it for us to make our own smartcontracts.
Here’s a bit of my work in case you’re interested!
Linktree: Shakti Gómez | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree



gm. I go by hustletrees, I am a sustainability manager for a global company, but I have always been an artist; I play bass, piano, and guitar, create physical art pieces, and love shooting photos. I have always liked to travel and capture where I go, inspiring me to make art.
I also love collecting art and have minted tons of amazing art pieces from my phone and desktop via Manifold, it is seamless.
Manifold is enabling me to put my art out there to the web3 community, a big thanks to the team that makes this possible and easy to understand/use.


Hello My Name is Seungdo Hyun, NFT artist based in South Korea. Nice to meet you all.


gm, I’m Snepsid and I make "gm"s


I’m JB from Diapo gallery, a gallery dedicated to digital art based in Nice, France.


Hi, this is Klaw Machine from Montreal, Canada!


Hello! I used Manifold to make and I’m working on

I’m really enjoying the control and flexibility Manifold provides and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

I joined this forum to try to troubleshoot an issue. One of 16 tokens on a ERC721 contract won't update


klaw! coolio, good to see you in here! :kissing_heart:


Hello! nice to see you here too fren :kissing_heart:


French artist for a long time, commercial work for Disney, Diesel, etc., exhibited around the world from Time Square to the International Space Station (yes, literal space). Psychedelic and surreal tendencies, colours are my drugs. Diving into code and interactive art as of late. Mushroom and cheese connoisseur.



Hello. Im Bill, a 3d artist from Greece. started 3d at 2018 and joined the NFT space on February 2021, and since then i minted my works on etherium and tezos networks. Nice to meet you.


Hi everyone, please to meet you. I am Rosanna, love painting with different media. Also painting with underglazes on clay. I started recently with digital artwork, using different of my own physical paintings as material for my digital artwork. I am impressed of Manifold and I want to use and learn more of its tools.


Hi, I’m Spreek. I’ve been in photography since I was a teen, many years ago. Started getting involved with NFT’s last spring 2021, but only made my own account in the fall. Finally minted in Jan 2022. I’ve been holding back my photography for SO many years, waiting for what I felt was the right opportunity. Web 3 and NFTs feel like just that. So here I am.


Hello all! i’m very new to Manifold - i’m a full time nft artist and please to meet you guys!


Hi there, I’m PolyCalumma, I make 3D animations of a weird chameleon.
I’ve been an artist in all sorts of media for a long time but I’m not very “techy”, so please forgive any dumb questions :pray:
Oh, and thanks for the whole Manifold thing, guys, it’s AWESOME :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hi, I’m Rudolf Boogerman, mixed media artist. I’m working now on the first collection specially created for the manifold gallery next Saturday. I’m quite excited about that.

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Good afternoon Lyndo,
I am finally logged in to support forum, and I’ve got questions!
I am migrating my main contract to a new secured wallet from a corrupted wallet, and I don’t see the changes yet reflected outside of Etherscan or visible on FND/OpenSea, etc. Which support forum do I need to ask my questions in to get help navigating to make all the necessary changes.

I’d also like to login to this forum with my new wallet, but I’m not sure how so I’m still using my corrupted hot wallet as a login.

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance. I’ll be happy to learn this stuff and get the past six months of headache over this stuff behind me and to a place where operating on the blockchain will be more streamlined and simpler.

Edit: It looks like I made a second profile. OOPS. I’m going to transfer my ! over to the other one

Welcome! Feel free to create a new thread in the General or Studio channel.

Thank you lyndo, I created a new thread in Studio. J

Hello! I am a fine art photographer and new here in the forum. I accidentally made a second account, but I will use only this one from now on. I look forward to getting to know more about the community! Thank you in advance for your guidance and fren-ship.

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