Introduce Yourself!

Can’t wait to get started - but there’s a lot of info…

Q: I want to set up a free NFT gift for a group’s activity - they join the group and get a free NFT; So the NFT will be minted and transferred on submission of their details, one at at time.
Not allocated from a collection of NFTs, but as details are submitted.

Any tips? Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello there!

I’m abfro, a multimedia glitch artist. Loving the platform so far!

Gm! I am minting from my first contract on Manifold. The experience has been excellent so far!

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Hey all!

Weinbagz here, musician/producer. Been minting on manifold for the past couple months and have been minting NFTs in general since early 21. Excited to be here!


Hey Everyone, my name is Derek and I own a couple ecommerce stores that are integrating NFT token gating using Manifold. Thanks to the Manifold team for providing such amazing tech!

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Hi I’m Erik, a creator and curator, using Manifold ever since I learned about it.


Abrasoles :sunny: everyone,

I’m a curious mind, exploring what I can do with manifold.

In lak’ech

Hi I m Norma, intermedia artist painter sculptor, like to create Gesamtkunstwerk videos, but have problem now as my video in not visible in the gallery….

Welcome! We’d like to keep this thread for Introductions only. Please feel free to create a new thread in the forum instead of replying to this one!

GM frens - batz here. artist, designer, specialization in being a generalist. Thank you manifold team for all that you do. You’re a blessing to the space :pray:

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Hi! im ODYS one of the two artists of THE MIGHTY GORGONION
we have master degree in fine arts and we love art toys and prints .

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HI, I’m Joanne, a creator attempting to use Manifold. :slight_smile:

Hello Manifold Community. I have been transferring my accounts and profile to a new CLEAN Eth wallet and have one last step to accomplish. I MinTed my first Airdrop from the 1155 app today!

Have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you Next year!



Hello everybody! It’s nice to be here!

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Hello community,

I am here to learn about Manifold’s offerings, and how they work.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

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I’m sugoi! I work for tubbycats as an artist/merch fulfillment monkey.
I also have my own nft 1/1 collection, which is actually what brought me here. I’m going to see if it’s worth the effort to migrate my project onto a manifold contract (and off of opensea’s weird storefront contract). I know next to nothing about dev work so wish me luck :saluting_face:

Here’s some promo art I’ve done

obligatory link

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Hello Manifold People :slight_smile:


As a self-taught artist and emerging digital creator, I appreciate Manifold as my top web3 service provider for optimized and secure smart contracts.

I am focusing on mastering my conceptual and visual expression skills using digital arts. I observe cultures and create interesting collages that portrait cultural dialogues.

Pepe [King] KunTa


Hello. I’m Arbo aka Kris

I’m an artist and entrepreneur from New York.

used to do a lot of coding many years ago, but I’m trying to finish what I start these days, so grateful that manifold exists.

Looking to learn how to do some more advanced things here, maybe find some tech co-founders who want to build cool stuff.


Hi guys. I am Arinze from Lagos, Nigeria. A professional artist building/transitioning to web 3. My work revolves around body paintings, upcycle art, fashion, illustrations, performance art. Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with awesome folks here.


Hi. I am Rik. I am new to the world of NFT but I have created some art recently that I think is cool and am learning and trying to figure out how to go about selling it as NFTs.

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