Metadata not updating

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Hi again everyone, I recently also emailed OpenSea about this but basically I updated my metadata on Arweave in claims. I thought I had made the collection properly because I followed the Manifold videos. I minted 1,000 tokens(200 at a time), on Optimism. They show up on OpenSea, but the metadata is not updated. Is this because the sale date is set to 12-12-2023(in two days)? Will it update the metadata then after the sale starts? It won’t even let me set creator earnings on OpenSea I did do it on Manifold, (but the start date is 12-12-23). I will attach a short vid if requested. I don’t know if it has to do with me minting all 1,000 tokens to my wallet, or if that matters. I appreciate any help.

Can you provide the opensea link?

Sure no problem. Thanks for taking a look. I think it may have to do with the actual sale not beginning until 12-12-23 at midnight( EST). Is that a possibility why it hasn’t updated the metadata? Thanks again. Here’s the link:

The token metadata should have updated. Can you give an example of a token that isn’t showing as expected and what should be showing?

So I uploaded my .csv and it updated on arweave. Each token has description(trait) of hair color , skin, clothing, and backgrounds. It shows the traits on the tokens prior to uploading on Arweave. It did get errors when uploading the first time because I guess it was still loading the tokens. It did input all of the traits. I can see at midnight if it changed, then I can take a photo of how it shows all of the traits. It’s on Optimism so it isn’t expensive to do it again. All 1,000 tokens are minted, in my wallet.

All minted tokens should show the right metadata now. If it’s not showing then it likely didn’t get updated properly. When you upload new metadata it has to get uploaded to arweave and it triggers an on chain transaction. If you’re not seeing the changes now you might have to try again.

Ok cool. So even if you minted it to your own wallet? Should I reupload the .csv files again? One more thing, if you have more than 1,000 tokens for a collection, would I need to mint them separately in a separate collection(contract) but give it the same name? I have a total of 315, but I could only do 1,000 in the claims rules section.

Yes to the first two. 315 is less than 1000 so not sure what you’re asking.

I was typing on my phone and I misworded it sorry. I was able to make only the initial 1,000 in the collection(according to the claim rules). I actually have a total of 1,315. So do I need to make a new contract to add the last 315 tokens because the claim page rules for the custom, doesn’t allow more than 1,000. I’m hoping if I give it the same collection name, it can add the final 315 tokens(NFTs) to the original collection of 1,000. I think this is the easiest way I know how to explain it because Manifold is still new to me. On my overview page on Manifold studio, in order for me to make the changes, I don’t have to create an open edition (claim page app) in order for the tokens to be updated do I?

I think we just upped the limit.

Ok I’ll take a look, but now the claim isn’t even loading the images from my .csv smh I guess the servers are busy. I’ll mint the last 315 tokens and update the .csv. Thanks again.

Not sure what you’re trying to do here exactly. But if you’re trying to sell them via a claim page you shouldn’t be minting them. Minting them to your wallet means you own them.

If you’re trying to sell them via a claim page you just need to set up a claim page and not mint anything.

To clarify, the tokens you pointed to on opensea have been minted to you. Which is fine if you’re trying to sell them on opensea or another platform.

But if you are trying to sell nfts on a claim page, those minted tokens won’t sell and only anything that hasn’t been minted yet will sell (claim pages are “lazy mint”, meaning tokens are minted when a sale occurs)

Looks like, based on your opensea link, you minted 1000 tokens. I’m not sure what your intention is with them, but you wouldn’t be able to sell those tokens on a claim page or manifold. It would be fine if you’re trying to sell these minted tokens on another platform.

Ok I see. So if I wanted to sell them strictly on the manifold claim page, I would have to burn the tokens and not mint them? If I want to strictly sell them on OpenSea, then it is fine that I minted all 1,315 to my wallet.

I guess the main concern is since I minted them, and no metadata is attached to the ones I minted on OpenSea, I guess I’d have to burn all the tokens? Because it seems that the claim page for updating metadata only applies to lazy minting that mints as it’s purchased. So I won’t even be able to update the metadata on the ones minted in my wallet for OpenSea?

This is the first time I’ve done a collection. So I don’t know any other way to mint with the metadata that I created besides making a drop on OpenSea, which will effectively make their default “take 10% of sales from creator “ on their platform.

Also on my claim page, it says that 0/1,315 haven’t been minted. I haven’t started the sale yet. So I don’t know if the metadata that I upload on claims page will occur until the sale begins. I extended the sale start date on 12/13/2023 at 10AM EST. I wanted to make sure I figured it out. The claims page link also has a link to the OpenSea collection. This is all so confusing. I don’t know if I should burn the tokens and figure out how to link all the metadata to all the NFTs before minting them.

You could burn them. Or you could simply blank out the metadata and kill the tokens that way, and deploy a new contract.

If you’re intending to sell these on manifold, the recommended way would be to sell them all and do a post sale reveal so it’s not predictable which token someone would get.

So, to avoid confusion, if you intend to sell 1315 tokens of a collection on manifold, you should:

  1. Create a new claim page (ERC721)
  2. Set a limit of 1315
  3. Set the assets and description to indicate that all tokens are unique and the tokens people get won’t be revealed until sale ends. (Important to make the mint random)

Once it’s done, you do a post mint reveal. See:

For the existing tokens, you should remove the assets and disable the claim page (set the token metadata to blank or some placeholder). You could burn them all but there doesn’t seem to be a point to doing so.

It sounds like this way it does random reveal on Manifold claims, but on OpenSea it shows all of the NFTs and if I list for sale there, people can see all 1,315 and choose which one they like. Which is fine, but I’m concerned about it not showing properties on OpenSea. The only other alternative would be:

  1. Burn all tokens and it’ll stop showing all of the minted ones in my wallet( and OpenSea).

  2. Use OpenSea new studio and “Drop” it’ll mint the NFTs in ordered number, not random according to OS staff. They also take %10 of earnings.

  3. Use the method on Manifold, the claims will “lazy mint” and it’ll reveal them after minting, but random.

  4. Don’t do anything. Sell on OS and buyers can see all NFTs and purchase what they want, but it might not show any attributes from my metadata. I don’t know any other way to show the metadata.

Also the user in the video has his on limited edition. All of them were minted, and it’s still on pre-reveal.

If you want to keep as is you’ll want to update the metadata of the 1000 tokens by uploading the csv again, which will upload to arweave and trigger a transaction to do the update. The changes should reflect immediately.

If you want to go the random reveal route you can blank out the tokens rather than burning (which is more work) by setting them all to an identical placeholder image and clearing the info. Again, these changes should reflect immediately/within a few hours.

The changes on Arweave with the .csv file will also make the change on the platform(OpenSea) after it updates? I’ve not seen it update on there, I don’t know if it’s because it’s on Optimism or because I haven’t listed any for sale on OpenSea yet(they’re on there but I haven’t put any for sale), and if that would trigger the update on the metadata. I’m looking to hear back from the OS representative before I sign for any sale, because it has some addresses I wasn’t so sure about.

I truly appreciate your time in explaining everything, I can see I’m close to the finish line lol just a few small details that need to be figured out.

You have to make the update with the csv, it uploads to arweave then it will trigger a transaction (you must save it) to have things update. If you don’t issue a transaction nothing will update.

If you are clearing the metadata you should be able to set the metadata to identical and set it that way.