Problems with tokens minted via extension

Hey. I do have problems listing tokens that have been minted not via Manifold Studio.

I have built a custom minter extenstion for my ERC721Creator.
Creator has been created via Manifold Studio

I registered extension and minted some tokens (via etherscan). They are clearly visible on OS, and metadata is shown

However, those tokens are not displayed in my Manifold Studio.
When I try to list them via Gallery, I can not do this, most probably because gallery doesn’t upload metadata for those tokens.

Getting “Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again.” error

Also those tokens are not shown in the Studio
Only token 3 is shown , which has been created for Manifold Studio UI

Can anyone advise how to list token which have been minted to a Creator contract not via Manifold UI?

The minter extension design was inspired by this case: Collaborations - Manifold Docs

Pretty cool that you made your own extension!

Sometimes the ingestion within studio doesn’t fully work, but it should be fine on Gallery once listed. You can see the token here -

So you should be good to go!

Thanks for the feedback!

it should be fine on Gallery once listed

How can I list this token? I’m still getting “Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again.” error

Sorry about that, it should work now! Since we don’t have all the metadata, it might show a blank image/title but the page at least shouldn’t crash like that.

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Thank you very much for the support!

I managed to list it now :pray:

However, it behaves a little bit strange.
It shows the correct media in the Gallery App

However, when I click View Listing button, it redirects me to the completely different listing.

I suppose, it links me to the mainnet listing #486, not to the testnet listing #486

Here’s the video of how it happens:

Since you are on goerli, you should append goerli to the URL -

We’ll update that

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Thank you very much for the assistance! It was really helpful :pray:

Hey again @yungwknd!

Is it possible, that I can see tokens minted via extension in the list of tokens for my contract?

I have 4 tokens minted for this collection, some of them are even listed. However, they are still not shown in the list of tokens.
Only tokens minted via UI are shown
Can you help, please?

We don’t support this yet. I am curious what is your use case for this feature?

Thanks for the reply! Any plans to support this?

The use case is to be able setting up per token royalties through Manifold Studio UI.

Ah gotcha. Yeah I suppose that’s possible for Manifold tokens rn, but not if they don’t show up.

Have you tried using the royalty registry to do this?

No problems, I managed to set up per token royalties via etherscan, no problems at all. Just wondered if it is possible via UI.

Thank you for your help! :pray:
And btw, could you take a look at this topic please? I’m very interested how can I do something like this

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