Sales via my Manifold Marketplace contract


How can I sell non-Manifold issued tokens via my Marketplace contract?

Like, this item was sold by Christies.
However, this item was not obviously created by Christies and was not created using Manifold Creator Contracts.

It was just transferred to Christies’ Marketplace contract via createListing method.

How can I do the same? Like how can I create listings for NFTs from any 721 contract, so it can be sold via my Marketplace Contract?

Right now we don’t support this out of the box. Curious more about your use case. Are you a curator in the space?

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I’m helping guys from Auction of Computer Arts on the tech side.
They work with several artists and curators.

They are now preparing their first auction with tokens issued via Manifold creator contracts.
In future they are looking for opportunities to sell tokens from any ERC-721 powered NFT collection via Manifold Marketplace contract, like Christies did.

Can we build a solution together?

I see! Will take this up with the team. Is the Auction of Computer Arts selling on the artists behalf? Or rather, who currently owns the tokens that will be for sale?

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Thank you, looking forward to hearing the feedback from the team.

Yes, afaic ACCA sells on the artists (or whoever owns the piece which is for sale) behalf.

I invited ACCA guys who are on the business side to join this conversation

Hello, Manifold team. For the upcoming auction, we will use the contract as it is. It means that we can only sell on the artist’s behalf (that is not right!), but as for the future auction, we should be able to sell tokens from the owners (collectors). As for the traditional action market principles, auction curators usually negotiate with the collectors (rarely with the artists directly), and every auction is considered the second market.
The auction house is a different entity (compared to the NFT marketplaces where artists mint the first time). We have to work with the tokens that already have the provenance (traction).
Here is the typical digital art market structure:

  1. NFT marketplaces - artists mint tokens for the first time. (art Gallery level)
  2. Digital Auction houses - second-level art institutions that should only work with the minted tokens with the provenance.
    It would be great if we could find the solution to this last-mile friction!