Scary Warning When Burning A Token

Last night, 3/21 trying to redeem a burn token and got this warning;

You’re granting access to all your NFTs , including any you might own in the future. The party on the other end can transfer these NFTs from your wallet at any time without asking you until you revoke this approval. Proceed with caution.

While i have known the guy for about a year and appears to be a straight up shooter, i don’t like this warning. here is the burn page; Devil sloth

So i go there today and its slightly different. i don’t see where i can add an image, so i tried this upload, not sure if it will show when i create as its just displaying text.

Now it says:
Allow access to and transfer of all your NFT?
This allows a third party to access and transfer the following NFTs without further notice until you revoke its access.

and now the word NFT in the first sentence above links to his contract with just two other NFTS i own of his;

So now it seems ok? Thought i would run it buy you guys before i did, wonder why it showed that different warning last night?

Thanks for your kind replies…

Gm - Thanks for reaching out about this. We’ve mentioned it in our forum a few times, this maybe a helpful read: Message to my burning page, metamask says "Your NFT may be at risk" - #2 by lyndo