Tokens from mint page are not showing up

I have a mint page were 15 out of 24 have been minted. I am trying to change the image on the tokens that have already been minted but the token section of my manifold is saying zero tokens have been minted so far but 15 have been minted. Any one know why I cant edit the tokens that have been minted?

It looks like a claim page. Calim page minted tokens are not reflected in the ‘Total’. To edit, click in, which will open the claim page where you can edit tokens.

This is a 721 contract btw.
When I do that it takes me here.
I am trying to do a reveal, so right now all of the tokens that get minted through this claim page get the same art work. Now that some people have minted I want to reveal each of their unique art work. I cant seem to find a way to edit the individual tokens that have already been claimed.

Looking into this now, but i think its safe to say that is the solution.
Do you know of anyone that can assist with this for a small fee?