Unable to mint an ERC-721 batch tokens on Sepolia that already exist on Goerli and Mainnet

I am having a similar issue to this topic: Studio: Unable to mint an ERC-721 token on Sepolia that has already been minted on Goerli and Mainnet

I’ve deployed this contract to Sapolia but on the batch token page the “Mint to Testnet” button is disabled.


taking a look! apologies about that. let me see if it’s the same bug but on a different page. that would be nice as then the solve should be the same and i can have ya back up and running in no time!

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Ah yes, I don’t think this is a bug but I do believe it’s confusing. Once you’ve minted your batch to mainnet we no longer allow updates to testnet on the entire batch.

Finding out why that is at the moment, but this is intended behavior.

Will report back and see if there’s potential to change that behavior for batches to align with how normal tokens work.

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Ah that makes sense actually. Not a huge deal, just means my test collection will be split across Georli and Sapolia so just harder to check everything aligns, but some simple math will get me by. Thanks for checking :pray: